Good deal making is all about solving problems Benefits of Real Estate Investing

- Price Appreciation
- Equity Build-Up
- Cash Flow
- Leverage
- Depreciation
- Capital Gains Treatment
It's all about your strategies Not all real estate investments are created equal Start with the end in mind

  Real Estate Opportunities 

Commercial & Residential

Investor Q and A

1) Types of Investment

  • Buy Fix and Flip
  • Rentals
  • Buy Fix and Hold
  • Buy Fix Refi and Hold
  • Commercial

2) Geographical Area

  • Local
  • Out-of-Town
  • Out-of-State

3) Capital

  • How much capital
  • Timeline
  • How soon

4) Active and Passive

  • How active or passive

5) Asset Entity Structure

  • LLC
  • Partnerships
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • C Corp
  • S Corp
  • Personal Name
  • Non-Profit…..
  • *See Tax-Free Investment Vehicle

6) Expectations

      • Factors
      • Size and scope of deal
      • Amount of Capital
      • Timeline
      • Risk
      • Investor resources outside of capital
      • Degree of buying below market
      • Alternative sources of capital
      • Functions
      • I find the deal – put the deal together
      • Turn-key operation – A to Z……
      • My team and I get the remainder of the profits
      • I may split my % with one or more people who assist in a variety of functions.
      • This includes finding the deal – funding – consultation….
      • Profits – Returns
      • Returns Negotiable- Fair – Reasonable
      • Split Profits – % Return – Combination
      • Create and structure win-win
      • Small Residential Deals
      • Typical % Return
      • Commercial Deals
      • % Return – % Profits – or Both
    • Management Function
    • May be a management component on the more involved deals
    • Treated as an expense
    • Negotiable

3 Targeted Strategies

1) SFR’s – New

    • Buy Land – Entitle – Sell
    • Buy Land – Infrastructure – Sell

2) SFR’s – Existing

    • Buy – Fix – Sell or Hold

3) SFR’s – Target Landlords

  • Free and Clear – 100% Equity
  • Seller Financing
  • 0% to Low Interest
  • Balloon in 10+ Years
  • Payment @ 90% of NOI

2 Targeted Strategies

1) Buy Land– Entitle – Sell

2) Value Added Deals

  • Buy Below Market
  • Determine Exit Strategies Before Acquisition
  • Distressed Single/M-T Bldgs.
  •    Repurpose
  •    Renovate

Investment Objectives

  • Recession Resistant Deals
  • Below Market
  • Value Added Deals
  • Good – Excellent Profitability
  • Target Lower Risk Deals


  • Self-Funded
  • Private Money
  • Partners
  • Hard Money
  • Banks

Need Funding?

  • Need to fund your own deal?
  • Maybe your deal could be the right fit for some of my clients

Tax-Free Investment Vehicle

      • The greatest investment vehicle you’ve never heard of. Have access to the tax strategies the ultra-wealthy use to invest tax-free with the full blessing of the IRS. There is in fact a program that works like a Roth IRA only on steroids that is approved by the IRS where you can enjoy the same tax exempt status as a Roth but without all of the familiar limitations. This vehicle offers opportunities that cannot be found in any other financial product. In fact, it’s the same program that the U.S. CongressSenate – and Judiciary have been using as their investment vehicle. When Warren Buffet said on national TV a few years ago that he made a billion dollars the year before and paid less taxes than his secretary, he was describing this exact program.
        • The target market for this tax free investment vehicle is higher net worth investors although available to anyone who wants to save and invest for their future. As a MAI, my clients fit the profile since they are generally higher net worth investors and/or business owners and as such are more apt to explore new things for themselves if deemed to be of value and relevant in advancing their financial objectives. Simply put….the concept behind this vehicle speaks their language.

Brief Investor Q & A
Tax-Free Investing

1) Your Investment Types?

      • Real Estate
      •    Commercial
      •    Residential
      •    Buy Fix Flip and/or Hold
      •    Non-Owner Occupied
      • Businesses
      • Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds
      • Private Lending
      • Precious Metals
      • Cryptocurrency
      • Collectibles
      • The list goes on…..

2) Your Entity Structures?

      • LLC
      • Partnerships
      • Sole Proprietorship
      • C Corp
      • S Corp
      • Personal Name
      • Non-Profit…..

3) Have a 401k – Roth….?

      • 401k
      • Roth
      • SEP Plan….

4) Biggest Limitations?

      • 401k – Roth IRA Limitations
      • Income limits
      • Contribution limits
      • Prohibited transactions
      • Early withdrawal penalties and
      •    tax consequences
      • RMD’s (Required Minimum Distributions)
      • Tax exposure
      • Continuous tax law changes
      • There are many financial vehicles that allow your money to grow tax-deferred while you are trying to grow your nest egg. Any financial advisor will tell you that tax-deferred growth is an advantageous pursuit. Making interest on your interest without having to split that growth with Uncle Sam means that you will end up with a much larger amount than if you had to pay taxes along the way. Even if you have to pay taxes at the end when you pull the money out you still end up way ahead of an investment vehicle that offers no tax shelter. Most investors are well aware of the limitations imposed by these traditional government run cookie-cutter type investment vehicles but most are not aware of any alternative except to adopt a strategy to pay as little taxes as possible. Both sides of the aisle now want to get rid of the popular 1031 Exchange program.
      • But… what if your money could grow tax-free and you could pull your money out including your profits 100% tax-free whenever you want. What if your earned income and investments could be safe from virtually any future changes in the tax code? With the traditional government-run vehicles, you’re subject to any changes over time. Not so with this program since any changes by the lawmakers affects them too – the result has been very little changes over the years. Now, that’s a horse of a different color. How much better off would you be?  Well this vehicle can help you do exactly that so you can enjoy the same tax-exempt status as a Roth but without the limitations. When set up right, you can enjoy all of these benefits….

Tax-Free Vehicle Benefits

        • Invest in Virtually Anything
        • 100% Tax-Free
        •    Real Estate
        •    Businesses
        •    Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds
        •    Private Money
        •    Precious Metals
        •    Cryptocurrency
        •    Collectibles
        •    The list goes on…..
        • Virtually unlimited contributions and income limits
        • No prohibited transactions
        • No early withdrawal penalties
        • Invest Tax-Free
        • Very liberal access to your money
        • Tax Free Retirement
        • Growth without stock market risk
        • Competitive Tax-Free Rate of Return
        • Protected Principal Liquidity
        • Lawsuit Proof – Tax Lien Proof – IRS Proof
        • Pass down legacy to heirs tax-free
          • Investing Tax-Free

            – Any investing performed with the program is 100% tax-free and isn’t subject to Capital Gains – Income Tax – Federal Taxes – State Taxes or Municipal Taxes

            Moving Funds

            – You can move all qualified money penalty-free and tax-free from the commonly known investment vehicles such as a 401(k – IRA – SEP – 403(b) – TSP – or any type of defined contribution plan.

            Need to Sell

            Looking to sell a business or an investment and concerned about the tax consequence? Using a specially formed Trust in conjunction with the tax code, anyone can sell their business or investments with no tax consequences.

Disclosure to Clients

          • I can appraise just about anything with proper disclosure. However, It may not make sense for me to handle traditional 3rd party valuation matters for a client if there is an investor relationship. I would have the client go elsewhere for any of those matters. Please note that the MAI designation requires its members to conduct themselves in a non-bias manner regardless of the capacity being served even when it is understood that there is a vested interest. The brief synopsis of the tax-free investment vehicle is an overview of the program as I understand it which was gathered from various sources (some provided here verbatim). I don’t sell it. Happy to connect you with professionals who do that for a living and can explain the details so you can make an informed decision. Anyone is advised to do their own research and evaluate it for themselves to see if it’s a good fit – same goes for any real estate dealings – do your own research and/or seek independent 3rd Party due diligence.
              • My broker’s license is for my own deals – myself or with others – I don’t list or sell properties for others. My compensation can be derived from a number of sources to include but not limited to… appraisal and consultation fees from clients – brokerage fees – profits – and other forms of compensation on my own deals – and marketing fees on various activities. I’ve enjoyed the good fortune of having a clean record over my 30+ year tenure by striving to adhere to good judgment and common sense.
          • Look forward to serving in either capacity….